Friday, April 08, 2011

Eight-Nine Days Old: A Photo Summary

Miss Pink nuzzles with Momma Elsie.

Miss Pink nuzzling.

Miss Lime stretching

Miss Pink and Momma Elsie

Miss Lime (aka Chubbette!). :)

The gang all lined up behind Elsie (ooops, wrong side!).

Miss Pink, content on her back with Momma Elsie

The corner puppy pile (we'll soon have to keep the front side closed (notice Master Red's ear over the lip of the edge).

Nursing is still their favorite activity.

Happy campers.

Big stretch!

Sleeping pups

Big yawn (they're learning to yawn!)

Another big yawn.

Sleepy boy


VaLois said...

Joanne, I am a friend of Dan's. He pointed me toward your blog while I have been dealing with some very rough patches in my life. I just want you to know that it helps me when I am feeling at my lowest point.

Kissed by the Creator said...

Joan! WOW, love these pics! My kids want to know how old they are when their eyes open? And if their eyes do open can they see anything now?

Missy D. said...

Is there anything cuter in the world then a puppy face? Sheesh... I want to take them ALL home!! ha ha .. Their little squeaks and squirms are just adorable.