Monday, April 04, 2011

Four Days Old (Before Our Trip to the Vet)

Well, it's the big day.  The little squirts get their dew claws removed this morning.

All are thriving; all have nearly doubled their birth weights (an ounce or two shy); and all needed new rickrack collars this morning (having outgrown the ones placed on them at birth).  They're growing and plumping and developing nicely.

The following are a few random shots from yesterday and early this morning.  Note that Miss Lime's pads are turning (they were pink at birth but are darkening as they should).

Enjoy! And we'll update you later today about how the vet appointment goes.

It's a double-cookied oreo!

Such a big boy!

Mr. Magoo

View from the whelping box floor.

Miss Limes pad's are darkening.

Miss Pink likes sleeping on her back.

Master Red is a snuggle bear.

Girls just have to stick together!


Nom, nom, nom...

Master Green is happy on his back, too.

Happy Momma Elsie. :)


JuliaR said...

Thanks for being so diligent about putting up these pix, Joan. I for one sure appreciate them. Good luck at the vet today! I guess you take Elsie along too? I know I've "seen" you do this before, but I forget!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khute is NOT enough of a word!


Penny said...

Lovely :)