Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ten Days Old!!! (Puppy Development Update)

All of the pups are at least ten days old now. Boy, are they growing up fast! Here's the latest on their development.

1. First, weight checks as of yesterday (current weight by order of birth):

   Born March 30th:
  • Miss Lime: 3 pounds 0.5 ounces  (gained 35.0 ounces since birth)
  • Master Blue: 2 pounds 14.5 ounces (gained 31.5 ounces since birth)
  • Master Red: 3 pounds 2.5 ounces  (gained 35.5 ounces since birth)
  • Master Green: 3 pounds 1.5 ounces  (gained 34.5 ounces since birth)

   Born March 31st:
  • Miss Pink: 2 pounds 8.0 ounces (gained 26.5 ounces since birth)
  • Master Yellow: 2 pounds 13.5 ounces (gained 32.0 ounces since birth

2.  They've all graduated to the next size/width rickrack (medium width). We use rickrack for their early collars because it frays less than yarn, string, or embroidery floss.

3.   All are up on their feet, but just barely (wobbly).  Take a look here at Miss Pink and Miss Lime taking baby steps:

4.  All are vocalizing appropriately in various ways: grunts, squeals, yelps, howls, "barks" -- heehee, if you can call them that -- whimpers, fusses, etc.

5. They pups have all discovered their tongues and will occasionally taste the floor or each other.

6.  The pups' eyes haven't opened yet, but they're getting close.  Eyes normally don't open until the pups are closer to 2 weeks of age (they're only 10-11 days old now).

7. They are still unresponsive to sound, but that's because their ears are still sealed (and should be until they're closer to 3 weeks old).

8. They're finding human touch more comfortable and soothing. They give puppy kisses and puppy nuzzles to humans now.

9. They're spending less time with Elsie (or, should we say, Elsie is spending less time with them). Elsie no longer sleeps with them, but is still faithful to nurse and potty them.

10. They still need stimulation to potty, but can occasionally go on their own by squiggling against the whelping box floor (we're moving into the clean-up-by-humans phase).

So far, so good.  All appears to be going just fine.  We have no worries about Miss Pink (as the smallest) since she's developing well, gaining weight (proportionally as she should), and is keeping pace with her bigger litter mates (even though she and Master Yellow are a day younger).

They are, of course, growing cuter by the day! :) 

So that's where we stand. Tonight may be my last night of overnight puppy watch; we haven't had to pull anyone out from under Elsie in two days now, and the pups are pretty close to mobile enough and strong enough to get themselves out from under her. We'll see though.

We'll keep you posted!

'til next time,

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