Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sometimes Puppies are Fussy

Generally, except when they're hungry or have to potty, the puppies are quite content. They do, however, miss their siblings when they find themselves separated from the puppy pile.

Here's an example of how the pups fuss while they're trying to find their litter mates (this happens to be Master Yellow, but they all do it, and they can all be quite loud about their protests!). Remember, the pups cannot see or hear yet, so they use scent and touch to find each other.

They do eventually find their way, and they do eventually settle down. But they have no trouble demonstrating their distress during the search:

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JuliaR said...

I wonder why they make such noise if they can't hear it? I suppose it helps the mother figure out if something is wrong, and so they must be rewarded eventually for making the noise. But it's interesting how that works.