Monday, April 11, 2011

Learning Some Basics

Puppies are considered "neonates" (newborns) until they are 14 days old. As of today, the oldest of this litter is 12 days old, so the pups are technically still neonates. But they are learning new things every day.

The next developmental stage, called the "transitional period" (usually days 14-21) begins when the pups eyes are fully open and ends when they respond to sound.

We're beginning to see the hint of glints (light reflections) in a couple of the pups' eyes, so their eyes are beginning to open, but just barely. I suspect they'll be open completely by Wednesday.

In the meantime, they're developing in other ways. You saw yesterday that they're starting to get up on their feet. Getting up on those wee paws and being able to balance is necessary for their next step toward independence: being able to potty on their own without help from their dam (Momma Elsie).

Miss Lime, the firstborn of the litter, hit quite a milestone today: she poo-ed all by herself (what a big girl!). It may seem silly, but pottying on their own is a huge step toward independence -- something they need to be in just eight weeks time when they leave us to go to their forever homes.

Here's a short video clip capturing Miss Lime's successful first independent potty (I heard the tell-tale grunt and grabbed the camera!). Yes, it is uncomfortable for them at first (they will even cry and whimper before they poo later on when they move to regular food). But being able to "go" on their own means they're healthy and developing normally. That's a good thing (and nothing to be grossed out about or embarrassed by).

For those of you who are interested; here's the clip (feel free to skip it):

Other milestones include learning to vocalize appropriately and to groom themselves and their litter mates. It's all part of their learning to use their mouths and tongues. Here's a clip of Miss Lime grooming Master Red (I think). While Miss Lime is grooming, Master Yellow is fussing while he settles down to sleep (I think he doesn't like the sunshine; it's very warm here today). I capture his yipping and yawning (all development milestones, too) in the second half of the clip.


Tomorrow I suspect we may have some open eyes to show you (they'll all be blue eyes to start). And soon they'll look like "puppies" as we usually think of them.

Until then,


Missy D. said...

I can't believe how quickly puppies grow.. they are really springing up quickly... getting cuter and cuter by the minute... looks like things are progressing like they should.. so very exciting to watch them grow... they are even adorable making their first poopie too! ha ha

Mary said...

I don't know how you can resist scooping them up when they are yipping like that....I know they are suppose to do that but I would be holding them all the time! You are a braver woman than I Miss Joan!

Penny said...

Fascinating to see just how quickly develop. Difference in their mobility in the last 24hrs is really noticeable :o

2ndwednesday said...

Miss Lime is quite an advanced little girl! :)

Charlie said...

...oops, wrong persona.
- Anne

JuliaR said...

Phew! I don't know how you take the noise! I suppose like anything, you get used to it.