Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rainy Days - Oh My!

We've had a few solid days of rain this week, and that makes for really rammie puppies. Now that they're bigger (7 weeks old now), they really need space to run, but the rains have been too heavy.  During the few moments we had of lighter rain (notice dry deck where pups are and wet deck outside the pen), I was at least able to get them outside.

One of the skills we try to help the pups learn before they leave us is how to navigate steps. Sometime we use a step-aerobic block; other times (like above) we use a sturdy, non-tipping set stool. Master Green has staked his claim on the step stool.  Like Snoopy playing vulture from his doghouse, Master Green perches on the stool.

Inside, the poor little pups just want people attention.

Happy Master Yellow still needs his forever home; but what a happy, indomitable boy he is!

He doesn't take his eyes off us when we're in the room with them.

Nor does Master Green (who also needs his forever home -- all the other pups are reserved now).

"Go ahead; make my day!" (Note Miss Lime's expression)

"Well, maybe not; let's just be friends.' (note change in Miss Lime's expression)

And Master Green watches the world go by, while Master Red prances.

This can't be comfortable for Master Green!  (Sorry about the glare on this series of pics; I was trying to capture the pups without them knowing I was there, so I took these through the back door window.).

The thinker.

"Watcha doin' Red?"

The pups get bored and restless together indoors (Yellow is sitting; Pink is looking over her shoulder). So we've done all kinds of things this week during our rainy days.  We had our first doggie biscuit treats; we've worked 1:1 on some basic obedience (smart little puppies); we've pulled out even more puzzle toys (Labs love a challenge); we've even exposed them to rain!  And all have done marvelously!

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