Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wordless Wednesday 1: What We Do When it Rains and We're Stuck in Doors

DISCLAIMER: No puppies were permanently injured in the making of this video.  At just five weeks old now, they have started to "play fight" and "play kill" (complete with accompanying growls, snarls, and yelps) and, though just part of their normal development and puppy play, it can look pretty rough!  Puppies are resilient, though, and this is how they learn to interact appropriately (by trial and error!). :)


JuliaR said...

Yikes! Does it ever sound ferocious! Ear and tail pulling, yelping and screeching! Whatever happened to poor Mr. Blue? I am exhausted just after watching that short video!

I think it is very clever of you to train them so young to sit before they get picked up. And they surely do seem to prefer humans to each other. :)

Joan said...

Heehee, Master Blue was just crying for my attention; for a good part of the video he was at my feet. :) He was perfectly fine (just protesting that I wasn't paying attention to him). :)