Saturday, May 21, 2011

We've Found Our Voices

The sun finally came out this morning, so we had to get the kiddie pool out (still pictures to follow later today).

But after playing a bit in the pool, Miss Pink, Master Yellow, and Master Blue decided to demonstrate their vocal skills in a good old fashioned puppy-barking match!

Such ferocious puppies (it's too funny to watch these little guys do this, so I had to catch it on video).

Here they are, in two installments, complete with competing vocals (make sure your sound is on):

Is there anything more entertaining than puppies???

'til next time,


Mango said...

My goodness. Such a lot to say. Do you suppose Master Yellow knows that he could just walk around the fence? Silly pups.

Mango Momma

Joan said...

LOL... oh, yes, Mango Momma. He knows. :) (and he did eventually). I think they were just having too much fun "conversing" :)