Sunday, February 20, 2005

Oh, how the kids love Don! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I love your site! I too own a lab -just one right now. But adore all things doggie. Came across your site at Blogexplosion and added you to my BlogRoll. Did you PLAN to have 3 labs in 3 different colors? That is a great shot.


Terry said...



Joan said...


We think so, too!


Joan said...


Yes, we planned for three Labs of three colors, but we wanted to stay within the Black and Yellow breed lines. Ridge, our fox-red-colored Lab is actually a registered Yellow Lab. The breed standard for yellows states that their coat colors can range from nearly white to fox red. Ridge is a Yellow Lab with a fox red coat.

Elsie is a Yellow Lab with a whiter coat. And Baxter, well, obviously, he's our Black Lab. :o)

LOL, this photo is of a common occurance at our house: the dogs getting their morning vitamins from Don. Cool, huh!