Sunday, February 20, 2005

Thanks, Blog-of-the-Day!

Many thanks to Blog-of-the-Day for featuring Lab Tails today. :o)

You can show your appreciation by visiting their web-site (click "blog of the day" button in sidebar below left or click the link in the preceding sentence). You can also visit blogs they've featured in the past (listed on their web site).

Thanks for getting the word out about Lab Tails!

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Chancellor of Iniquity said...

I just found your blog via Blog of the Day! Congrats!

I've always loved labs and recently acquired my own pure bred yellow Lab.

I got her when she was seven weeks old the Monday after Thanksgiving. She stayed in the house (except for potty time) until after the holidays, and now she's an inside/outside dog.

She sort-of retrieves (when she wants to), but I really just got her because I love the breed and my other dog (part beagle part who knows what) gets along well with labs and needed a buddy.

I think my dog is more of a jumper than a retriever. With no prompting whatsoever, she ran down the dock at the local city lake and jumped in just like some of the labs on the deal the air every once in a while on ESPN. Then, shortly thereafter while I was taking a shower, I heard a terrible clatter. She'd jumped flat footed (I guess--it's a pretty small room) from the floor to the sink, knocking EVERYTHING off in her wake. She's since jumped on the dresser, my desk (and slid right off) and a low book shelf. She's a nutty one, but so sweet. She actually got out a few days ago, and after being gone over night, she almost won't leave my side.

She's also more of a living garbage disposal than any dog I've ever seen in my life. I took her for a ride in the car, and she tried to eat a paper napkin in the floor board from a fast food resturant. She ate cigarette (sans the filter) which resulted in a call to the vet, and opened and devoured a can of honey roasted peanuts from the grocery store which were in a sack in the kitchen waiting to be put away. And, she did it all in the time it took me to walk out and get another sack of groceries, the mail, and say "hi" to the neighbor. She eats very well, but also wants to eat everything within smell/sight. But, the vet says this is normal.

When I move outside the city, she'll be joined by one lab in each color: chocolate, black and white. BUT, they will be outside dogs only.