Friday, February 04, 2005

Seasons: A Photo Essay of Elsie

Elsie doesn't look much like a puppy anymore. At seven months old, her frame seems far more adolescent than puppyish. She's growing, and that's as it should be. Though I miss her puppy season, this new season brings different joys. Yes, this season, like all seasons, brings change and challenges, but I wouldn't trade them.

Life is that way, too. Again, we're in a season of change. Our children are phasing out of the nest into life on their own: Two are legally adults, one will be so in just nine months. But, like Elsie, they need us in ways unique to this season: help with car troubles, financial support, career and college counsel, how to prepare taxes.

I do miss their "puppy" seasons. But I wouldn't want them to be puppies (or children) forever. That's not how it's designed to be. This new season brings its challenges, but it brings far deeper delights. How grateful I am for how each child has grown and for who they're turning out to be.

The same could be said for Elsie.

I'm glad for seasons. How boring life would be without them.

'Til next time.

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