Friday, February 18, 2005

Some Days...

Some days I feel like no one listens to me. Or understands me. Or even knows I exist. Even the dogs have times when they ignore me.

Elsie seems to be selectively hearing impaired today--not when we're training mind you. Only when she's doing things she shouldn't or when she's having too much fun to be bothered. During those times she seems to give me the Royal Thpppppt (see photo above), and then proceeds to do whatever she wishes.

My kids were like that once (No more, really. Honest. They're good kids.). Now they're old enough to help out and to appreciate what I do for them. My dogs aren't there yet.

Every trainer out there is going to jump all over me and say I should never allow the canine kids to get away with such impudence, especially now during puppydom and adolescence. But some days I'm too tired to enforce every rule and correct every infraction. Some days, truth be told, Elsie and Baxter can raspberry me and get away with it.

Today is one of the those days. Maybe I'll just go make myself a cup of tea.

'Til next time,

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