Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Imp

Well, the missing fern mystery is solved, although I don't know where it's been hiding the past few days.

This morning when I let the dogs out, I noticed a pile of debris in the middle of the yard that hadn't been there when I searched for the missing potted fern earlier this week.

Sure enough, it was the fern (or what's left of it): fuzzy fern roots, clumps of potting soil and roots, the remains of the plastic pot liner, and bits of fern stems and leaves were strewn over an area stretching at least thirty feet square. And that was just on the grass.

I found the hanger for the pot in the azalea bushes; I found the base of the pot up by the cherry tree. And who knows what happened to the rest of it.

Elsie is our imp; no doubt about it.

In addition to the fern wreckage, here's what else I found in the yard this morning (I should keep a tally; it could get interesting over time):

one sheepskin bone chew toy (turned inside out, the stuffing gone)
a cottage cheese container loaded with doggy teeth prints (who's been raiding the trash?)
a log from the pit where we sometimes do bonfires (who's been raiding the fire pit?)
a chewed up soda can (who's been raiding the recycle bin?)
the plastic sleeve from our newspaper (who's been raiding the newspaper pile?)
one Kong rope toy (okay, you can raid the doggie toy bin)
one wishbone shaped nylabone
one giant rope chew toy, shredded so it now looks like dental floss
two tennis balls
one greenie chew toy (removed from the hole by the azaleas where it previously hid)
a nicely chewed yogurt container (hmmmmm...trash rader again, I presume?)
several bones (not human)
and one, very dirty, completely hole-ridden sock (who's been raiding the laundry again?)

Now, that might seem like a lot, especially for a single day find, but if you knew how many items I rescue in a day before they make it outside, you'd think that list was a paltry one.

In fact, one big item I rescue several times a day is Ridge's fleece bed (see photo above). Elsie never drags her bed outside; only Ridge's. Smart girl.

Someday all this intelligence will be put to good use. We just have to survive until then. :o)

'Til next time,


Nancy said...

Oh Boy, I hope that isn't what I have to look forward to with my Claire!! She did try to take her Duckie outside last night.

Never a dull moment for you, is there?

Take care.

HerWryness said...

My teeth are all on edge!! EEEWWW Chewing on a soda can?! You say they're purebreds, but I think there may be some goat in Elsie. ;)