Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Hiatus

Hello all,

This is just a personal note to let you know I haven't disappeared, disabled my blogs, or died. ;o) I've just been swamped the last three weeks and haven't kept up my posts. Part of my absence was due to frustration with Internet issues (mostly with Blogger); another part was that I was away (speaking engagements and getting collegiate daughter back to school); another part included several family and medical issues happening simultaneously; and another part was simply having too much work to do (including taxes - blech). But I'm back!

Look for regular posts to start again as of this evening.

'Til next time,


L^2 said...

Welcome back!!! :-)

Joan said...

Thanks, Laura! It's good to be back. :o)

Kiwi's Mom said...

Hooray!! I was getting worried... I plan to get Kiwi a kiddie pool, I'm amazed you have yours out already! It's not quite warm enough yet here in Rochester NY for a pool, even for Kiwi. So glad you are back!