Thursday, April 14, 2005

They're Playing in the Pool, and It's Only April!

It seems that with my hiatus the seasons changed! Three weeks ago it was cold, damp, and blustery; we experienced heavy, heavy rains and widespread flash flooding here in southeastern Pennsylvania. But for the last few days, we've had crystal blue skies, brilliant sunshine, and temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

And the dogs have been panting like they did when they spent too much time in front of the woodstove this winter--a sure sign that it was time to pull out the kiddie pools.

So out came the blue, molded-plastic, instant dog refreshers.

Ridge jumped right in, doing his classic water-bowl "swirlies" (and what is a kiddie pool, if not an overgrown water bowl!). He immerses his entire snout into the water, right up to the eyeballs, drops his head, and pushes his face around in a circular motion. The bigger the bowl, the bigger the motion--he runs in circles in the pool. It's dizzying to watch. Oddly enough, he stays dryer than the other two, even with his swirling antics. Go figure.

Elsie has never been in the kiddie pools before. She sniffed and pawed at first, but once I allowed her to examine the hose nozzle and mouth the spray, she jumped right in. Spraying water? What is that but a new moving toy with which to play! I set the hose so the spray created a circular current along the outer edge of the pool, and Elsie chased the current to her heart's content. She'd be chasing it still if the pool hadn't filled up enough for me to turn the water off.

And then there's Baxter. He opted out of pool fun today. He preferred resting in the warm, soft, spring-green grass. I suspect 60s isn't quite enough for the young chap; when it's 80, he'll be curled up in the pool. ;o)

Amazing how time flies. I never intended my blogging absence to turn into three weeks, but it did. And in that time, we went from dreary late winter weather to nearly summer sun. And as I look at today's canine kid pictures, I realize that they've suddenly grown into mature-looking dogs (notice I said mature-looking; mature-acting is another story all together). Elsie has filled out a bunch, and Baxter looks far less leggy. They're growing up.

Where does the time go? It seems the faster it goes, the more I want it to slow down. But that's not the way of it. So, instead, I'm learning to savor individual moments and to notice and appreciate little things. Then I don't feel like I miss so much. Then I don't feel like time leaves me behind.

It's good to be back. Blogging helps me enjoy the dogs and life just a little bit more. I hope my blog sparks some enjoyment in you, too.

I'm back.

'Til next time,

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