Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ridge, despite a few water droplets on his nose, manages to stay somewhat dry, even after performing "swirlies" in the kiddie pool and his water bowl. Posted by Hello


L^2 said...

Seeing pictures of your handsome Ridge makes me want to add a fox-red, Dudley/liver nosed Lab to our family someday(when Stella "grows up"). Then we would pretty much cover the yellow spectrum for Labs. I love the "pink" noses, even though they are a disqualification according to the Breed Standard.

Joan said...

I love the Dudley/liver noses, too. I know they're a disqualification by breed standard for show competitions, but they are not for hunting or agility competitions. Our guys were bred for hunting, so Ridge's Dudley nose was just fine. :o)

It's amazing to me that Ridge and Elsie are both registered yellow labs, despite their differences in color. Yellows can run the spectrum from fox red to nearly white (again, according to breed standard). Pretty wild, huh!