Monday, April 18, 2005

More Mischief


It appears that Elsie's been up to her mischievous ways. First, I noticed that the cedar picket fencing around the flower bed by the deck was askew. Then I noticed the freshly disturbed mulch pile and cavernous depression in the soil behind the azalea bush on the other side of fence. Then I noticed the greenie toy in the bottom center of the depression. Could Elsie (gasp!) have been attempting to bury a bone?

We've never had a Lab bury things before.

Then I realized something was missing. I'd hung a potted fern (with these cool furry root runners) out on a flower basket pole on the other side of the deck to prepare it for outdoor planting. I bought the fern a few weeks ago, but it was too cold to plant, so I'd been keeping it indoors. I wanted to acclimate it to the temperatures outside before I planted it.

Funny thing, though. It's not there. It's gone. Vamoose. Nada. Vanished. The flower basket pole on which the plant was hanging is tilted sideways about 45 degrees (no longer verticle), like something (or someone who will remain nameless) pulled it over. But the entire fern that hung there (plant, roots, plastic basket, hangers) is gone.

For the life of me I can't find it.

I'll bet Elsie squirt knows where it is, but she's not telling.

Chalk up another loss to puppydom. ;o) But, really. A fern?

'Til next time.

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