Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Too Hot, Too Soon

Okay, already. I like spring. I really do. But temperatures in the 80s in mid-April is a bit much, even by southeastern PA standards. No one is ready for this kind of heat and humidity this soon. We need a few weeks of acclimation first. So do the dogs, it seems.

All three dogs have acted sluggishly all day yesterday and so far today (yesterday was only high seventies and humid). I thought they might be depressed that "dad" was still away (and I'm sure that's part of it), but their incessant panting suggests that it might also be the heat.

Elsie --our I-love-being-outside-in-the-rain-cold-sun-or-storms-Elsie-- doesn't even want to hang outdoors. She'd rather be inside stretched out on the cool brick floor of the family room. Panting. Just like Baxter and Ridge.

Even the kiddie pools don't refresh them; the water heats up too fast.

I'm sure the heat won't be so draining when it's actually summer and we've had weeks of 90-degree weather coupled with 80 percent humidity to get us used to living in this sticky air, but jumping from nights below freezing to 80s during the day is just a bit much.

Even for canines.

Maybe I'll stretch out on the cool floor with them. Or maybe I'll go do face swirlies in the kiddie pool with Ridge (just imagine...wouldn't that be a picture!). I have to agree; it's just too hot to do much today. And, it's WAY too soon to pull out the air conditioners (no, we don't have central air).

Ah, if only humans had a dog's life; then we could lounge around and pant and sleep the day away when we're too hot to work. But I don't lead a dog's life, so I suppose sweating in front of my computer will have to do for the rest of today.

Or maybe I'll go the library with my laptop; they DO have central air there. ;o)

'Til next time,
Joan (who can whine with the best of them) ;o)

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