Saturday, March 01, 2008

Ear Saga (from Pinot's Perspective)

Hey, what's that skinny light Dad has in his mouth, and why is he pointing it in my ear?

Hey...and what's that blue liquid in that plastic bottle? He's going to put that where?

Cleaning my ears, he says? Harrumph! Doesn't he know Kenya does a fine job keeping my ears clean?

Now what's he doing? Oh, he's just massaging my ears and neck and drying me off.

Hmmmm....that feels okay....

Whoa...wait a minute...what's that metal tube-y thing with a long plastic tip....Dad?



Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.....

Not the other one, too!!!

And now you have to rub it in, no less!

Well, I guess post-trauma snuggles from Dad aren't too bad.

But...yeah, sure...he can try to tell me it's okay. He's not the one who had to have stuff squirted into his ears!. Harrumph! I think I'll try to stay mad at him for a little longer.

If I lean away, maybe he'll think I'm really peeved. I can become Peeved Pinot! Harrumph! That'll show him.

Well...maybe it's not so bad.

My ears do feel better now.

Maybe Dad had to give me a little ow-ee just now so I don't get a BIG ow-ee later.

I guess we can still be buds (wink, wink).

But don't tell him I said so. At least not yet. I'm enjoying being treated like Queen of the Canine Universe way too much (I think Dad feels guilty -- hehe -- gotta milk it for all it's worth!).

And so ends my ear saga for today.

(P.S. Mom will be back next time)



Theresa said...

Copper doesn't like his ears cleaned either, but has decided Momma's undivided attention and sitting in her lap make it tolerable to have it done!

L^2 said...

Stella doesn't like to have her ears cleaned/medicated either, but she has so many problems with them (in part because of her possible allergies) that it is a necessary evil.

Russ said...

Hi Pinot!
How are you little sister? Ear infections are no fun, are they? I had one a little while ago, too, and I didn't like that tube in my ear, either. But my ear got better really, really quickly!
Today, I got to go hiking AND swimming at a lake with my family. It was such a nice day for a walk in the woods, but brrr that water was cold when I jumped in. But I just couldn't help it. It was so much fun that I kept going in! But afterward, I had to get a nasty old bath. For some reason, my owner thought I was too dirty, but I liked being muddy instead. But I got him back! I shook that water all over him when I was done and then when he tried to dry me off, I kept sitting in his lap while I was still soaking wet. That'll teach him! If you want to see a new picture of me, just click here:
See you Pinot. Love, Nala