Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pinot Hates Rain, BUT Loves Puddles!

Sweet little Pinot girl (not so little anymore at 50 pounds!), really doesn't like rain. She seems bothered by the feel of raindrops landing on her back and head.

And, unless we ask her to sit (as she is below), she would normally hide under the picnic table if she happens to be outside when it's raining.

Well, at least that's the way it was until today.

You see, we've had non-stop rain here for what seems like forever (I'm not complaining -- we really need the water). And when we get this much rain, we develop run-off streams at the edges of our property.

THIS time, one of the run of streams pooled a bit at the corner of the fence line, and (don't ya know), we had an instant puddle!

Pinot couldn't have been happier.

Who cares about rain when you have puddles to play in? Just look:

She's all Lab! That's my girl. ;o)

'Til next time,

P.S. Stay tuned for more Pinot-in-the-puddle action shots!
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juditudes said...

Thanks for the great big smile you put on my face on this horribly- dreary-rainy-ucky-do-we-live-in- Seattle-or-something-weather-day?

I'll complain for the both of us.

As my husband would say (in his native Lancasterisms), "The criks (creeks)are gonna be in trouble."

Pinot piddling in the puddles was great to see but I'll leave the muddy cuddles for you and DH!

Joan said...

Man, Judy -- hasn't it been miserable?!

We're all longing for sunshine over here. I'll bet you are at your house, too.

BUT, at least it's not snow (like it is in Ohio and northwestern PA. I would've relished snow a month or two ago, but now I'm starting to await spring.


Hope you guys are well!

And, yes, we'll handle the soggy cuddles here. :o)


Anonymous said...

I thought my lab Trixie was the only one who hated rain drops.
But she would walk in the rain, and on early mornings, she would dip her face to get all wet from the damp grass in the little ditch in front of everyone's house. Wish she could've played with Pinot in the lovely HA puddle.

JuliaR said...

We just got about 2 feet of snow all at once. I would have preferred the rain too!