Saturday, March 08, 2008

Puppy Pinot and Puddles!

Here she is: our puddle-playing Pinot!

'Til next time,

Joan (who has to go throw ANOTHER load of dirty dog towels into the washer because we're going through about 2 loads of muddy towels a day!)
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Anonymous said...

I love the third shot where she has her whole snout buried. :o) What a silly, pretty girl she is!

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh Pinot is such a big girl now! She is absolutely gorgeous even when she's covered with mud. When did Kenya turn into a full grown lab? I remember last Summer when she still had the body of a teenager! Guess packing on the pounds happens to all us women when we reach a certain age. :-)


Joan said...

Hehe, yes, dismantled, Pinot is a silly, pretty girl! And we love her to pieces!

And, yes, Jamie, Pinot and Kenya are both growing up. Pinot's looking more adolescent than puppy these days (at 8 mos old), and Kenya is starting to look full grown (nothing adolescent-looking about her anymore at 20 mos old). We're delighted with how Kenya is maturing. She's really developing nicely. And we'll wait to see what happens with Pinot (with puppies, it's always a crapshoot -- you never really know how they'll turn out). So far so good!

Now, ahem, about those pounds...! :o) Wait til you see the next pictures of Elsie. She's REALLY chunked out this winter.

Thanks for your comments!