Monday, March 17, 2008

Retrieving Girls

Elsie loves to retrieve.

Kenya loves to retrieve.

Pinot loves to help Kenya retrieve.

Pinot loves to help Kenya and Elsie retrieve.

As far as they're concerned, the more the merrier! There's plenty of room on a rope for three. :o)

No wonder they call them retrievers!

'Til next time,
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Charlie said...

Your girls are just so cute!
- Charlie

"Sunshine" said...

Hi Joan,

My two labs have always retrieved together. People at parks always comment on how they each grab part of the toy they are retrieving and bring it back together.

I started to think it was unique to my two, I should have known better. I'd now have to say it's unique to Labs. I'm sure it goes along with their strong desire to retrieve, their awesome cooperative nature, their playful join in the fun spirit, and their overall desire to please.

Thanks for the last picture it made me really feel connected to a larger group privileged to live in a multi-labrador "family member" household.


JuliaR said...

Uma was always a Labrador Collector. She'd go get it but then she'd keep it. :)

Me & my puppies said...

"LW" loves to retrieve, Murphy, my husky, will retrieve, however, Orlando, my beloved lab, is a different story. I will throw the ball, stick, or whatever and he looks at me like "well if you wanted it why the heck did you throw it." or "you want me to do what?" He is almost 12 years old and he has never retrieved anything.

Sparky said...

That is exactly what my little brother does to me! (Only, now he's faster and can get to the rope before me.)