Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Life Lessons from Labs

Every now and then I take a minute to record what my Lab kids are teaching me. Today, it's that time again.


To get the gist, you can check some of my earlier lesson records (or you can just skip these and read further for today's):

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10 More Life Lessons (from March 2007) here it is: More Life Lessons from Labs (March, 2008)

1. It's okay to be vulnerable; in fact, it can grow quite comfortable in time.

2. We don't ever have to let big, dark, hairy things make us flinch (they're usually less harmful than we think).

3. When walking life's roads, we all need traveling companions.

4. We never outgrow our reliance on the generations who came before.

5. Into every life a little rain must fall (see no. 4).

6. When it does, we can wallow aimlessly, or we can look for treasures in the mud (I'm convinced all mud contains at least some treasure somewhere if we look hard enough).

7. And if looking for treasures gets messy, we can shake it off, then dive in again.

8. When we want or need something, we should speak up! It's unfair to expect others to read our minds.

9. Sometimes discomfort is good for us. It's less painful if we submit to it and learn from it than if we fight it.

10. No matter how small we try to make ourselves, no matter how hard we try to hide, we can never quite disappear.

But that's a good thing (see no.1).


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Anonymous said...

Hi Joan!
This was a cute entry! :D
I'm a new reader to you, I just found your blog this week. I searched for pregnant labs on Google images (because my yellow lab Gracie is pregnant =D) and a picture of Elsie popped up! I read all the entries on her and the litter--so cute! I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog. It's nice to hear from other Lab fanatics & read about their lab's antics :)


Joan said...

Hi Sarah (lovefordance),

Welcome! Stop back any time...we'll be here. :o)

Congrats on Gracie's upcoming litter!

We hope all goes well for you. And if we can help at all (with any questions or concerns), don't hesitate to e-mail me (

All the best,