Friday, February 20, 2009

DH is Baching It With The Gang

I'm OUTTA here! Yay... I really get to go away this time. I'm off for a weekend in the Bershires with DSD. Western Massachussettes is about half way for both of us (4 hours each), so meeting there makes it easier than either of us making the full trip, and it makes it more like a vacation for us.

And, no, no canine kids allowed. This is a human mommy-daughter thing.

Hehe. Will I miss the canine kids? Sure, but it be nice not to have any canine work or demands. :o)

No worries though. The kids (l to r above it's Kenya, Pinot, Tuc, Ridge, Rudy, and Elsie) will be fine with Daddy Don. They love him whole bunches.

And I'll enjoy the break (though I will miss them). :o)

Ciao for now!

'Til next time,


Ms. ~K said...

Happy Trails!

Cheryl said...

I hope that you have a WONDERFUL trip and weekend!