Sunday, February 01, 2009

Guess Who Learned to Open the Back Door?

Long time RR knows Elsie is our usual door-opener (old sideways video). But because Elsie is in heat, she can't be out with the gang right now. Since Elsie-the-door-lady's absence, whenever they're ready to come indoors the gang has been standing at the door pleading with their pitiful eyes for us to let them in.

Take, for example, Pinot, Rudy, and Tuc below (apologies for the dirty window pane -- go figure...I just can't seem to keep up with six pairs of window-streaking front paws of varying heights and sizes):

That's been the case until (drum roll please)... don't-just-stand-there-DO-something-Tuc took matters into his own hands (ahem... paws). Yes that's his paw on the lever-door-handle seconds before he pushes it down to let himself in.

And let himself in (and the gang) he does, quite regularly now.

He's the spitting image (albeit a taller, darker, but equally-handsome image) of Elsie four years ago (still picture)!

Unlike gentle Elsie, who figured door-opening out by watching us and trying it herself, Tuc stumbled upon his discovery by kangaroo-jumping and vertical-leaping at the back door then accidentally swiping the lever on his way down. ;o) After a few successes he caught on.

I can't wait to get this on video.

'Til next time,

P.S. Aren't you proud, Momma Teese?


JuliaR said...

If you do the video right, send it to Funniest Home Videos and you might win some money!

Joan said...

lol...Julia... maybe... AND it will be in DIGITAL format and may even be right side up. hehe

Hey, in the quick amount of time between when I first posted and you commented, I found the original video of Elsie and inserted into the first reference link to her in the post (instead of just the picture that was there before). :O) You've already seen it, but it sure is fun to hear those puppy voices again motivating Elsie to open the door! I hope you're well... though I haven't written, I've been praying for you and the health issues you mentioned since the fall. Just know that you've been much on my heart. Ciao. J.

Kristi said...

I am so glad that I found your blog! Every day you post, I smile because of your pups. The only problem with your blog? Now I find myself "needing" another lab!

Colleen said...

Tuc has turned out to be the most handsome boy - and clever to boot! I'm not just saying that because I'm from Arizona either. :)

Momma Teece said...

He is definately his mother's son. Momma Ellie knows how to open baby locks on the pantry! We then upgrade to a more complicated version and I swear she watches me whenever I open it! Can't wait to see the video! And the CARDS are at least holding their own! Kisses and butt rubs to the gang!

Chester's Mom said...

Me thinketh you better changeth the door handle or signeth up Elsie for Planned Parenthood. If Mr. Tucker can figure that out, he is bound to figure out how to close in on Elsie! ;0=)
ps. I can't keep up with even just 1 nose and 4 paws on my sliding glass door! I'm learning to appreciate his "artform" heehee

Cheryl said...

That's too funny! All of mine, except for Fergie are just too short to do that...although, my cat Ramsay, has learned to open the bedroom door by himself. Just imagine if they had thumbs?