Saturday, February 07, 2009

Still Home, And Ridge is at the Vet's

Well, I'm still here. A GI flu effectively kept me home for the weekend (lots of nasty stuff flitting around in our neck of the woods).

And poor Ridge may have contracted something similar, though were still not sure. He started vomiting on Thursday -- something which is not unusual for him when Elsie is in heat. His norm is to lose a breakfast and maybe a dinner, and then to not eat during the several days that Elsie is prime. Normally it's one or two tummy-contents-clean-ups for us, and then he's fine on the GI plain; he just barks like crazy for the remaining five or six days.

This round, however was different. Ridge vomited seven or eight times in less than 24 hours (he started Thursday). Then yesterday at lunchtime he vomited again, but the contents this time were clearly bloody, clotted, and foul-smelling. So, off to the vet we went.

Though after examination it seemed clear Ridge did not have any kind of obstruction, Dr. Wagner kept Ridge there overnight for observation, suspecting that perhaps Ridge had an ulcer or a gastritis related to his stress over Elsie's heat. We thought we'd pick him up this morning.

But apparently Ridge vomited more blood overnight. So he's staying at the vet's again today and tonight. We're waiting to talk to Dr. Wagner this afternoon to see what's happening.

Lest you become too concerned, Ridge was acting just fine (barking, drinking like crazy, his temp was normal, his capillary refill was still good, he was not dehydrated, etc.). He just had this awful tummy stuff the nature and frequency of which was not typical for him (or any of our Labs). Hopefully it's just an acidic stomach.

In the meantime, he's hanging out at the vet's, and I'm here sipping Ginger Ale and nibbling on toast after my Queen-of-the-Porcelain-Throne experience overnight last night.

It's just as well I'm here. Though I'd love to be enjoying my girl's weekend away, between Ridge and my own GI stuff, there's no question I'm where I should be. And there will always be other opportunities for weekends away. Besides, I'd rather not get anyone else sick, and I'd like to be here in case anything more serious comes up with Ridge.

I'll let you know when we hear anything.

'Til next time,


kayceebeebee said...

Oh, poor Ridge and you! Your vet sure is important to your household recently, huh? Hope your feeling better soon. Throwing up is nooooooooo fun. Sorry you missed your girls weekend, too.

AZ Colleen said...

I hope you both are feeling better soon!

Ms. ~K said...

Sending positive energy to you and Ridge.
Take care and keep us posted,