Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Gift of Sleep (and Medications) - Reposted

I had a great night's sleep last night (these are all photos of Rudy sleeping btw) -- perhaps because I got so little sleep the night before, or perhaps because I knew Ridge, though still at the vet's, was doing okay, or perhaps because Ridge wasn't here to bark all night (something he does when Elsie is in the most fertile stage of her heat cycle). Perhaps it was just that I was feeling better.

Or maybe, just maybe (hehe), Ambien had something to with it (hehe). Yes, I do occasionally take Ambien to help me sleep. Though I once took it only to help with time-zone transitions when I traveled, now I take it on average a couple times a month -- not too often, but often enough to give me a really good night's sleep when I need one.

I never appreciated how precious being able to sleep soundly and long enough was until I couldn't do so. I'd heard people complain about insomnia, but only gave it half-ear because I didn't really understand. Then I started having trouble sleeping.

It's amazing how much more we value something when it's become lost to us.

Ridge has been at the vet's since Friday, and he, quite frankly, worried me. He's almost 8 years old, and for the first time had blood in his tummy contents. And this morning, he had blood in his stool. I was dreading the possibility of something ominous being wrong with him. In my head, he had the potential for being "lost" to us.

But Dr. Wagner sent Ridge home today on two meds: sucralate to coat Ridge's tummy irritation and pepsid to reduce his stomach acid. For now we're still thinking Ridge has an ulcer or a gastritis that's become inflamed because of his stress over Elsie's heat.

Ridge, once lost (or potentially lost in my head), is ours again. And I'm appreciating him more than ever. Even his non-stop barking and nutsness over Elsie's estrus isn't bothering me. He's my Ridgers. And he's come back to us.

I'm glad to have him home.

I'm glad there are meds and people out there and available to us that can help him.

I'm glad there are meds and people out there and available to us that can help me and other loved ones.

I'm glad, because of so many things, that I can look forward to a good night's sleep tonight.

Here's to appreciating what we have, what we've been given, and all there is to be grateful for before those things change or are taken away.

'Til next time,

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Ms. ~K said...

Welcome Home Ridge and sleep well Joan...Ambien is my friend too!
Hugs to you all,