Saturday, January 31, 2009

Protections Can Be a Good Thing - Be Thankful!

The poor canine kids. It's a whopping 18 degrees (F) outside again, and, with temps like these, any snow that softens in late-afternoon sunshine freezes overnight into solid, crusty, paw-pricking ice chunks. All of the crew, not only Rudy, are having a terrible time walking and pottying outside.

Here's Tuc pondering:

Here's Tuc slipping on take-off:

Here's Pinot digging at the surface crust:

Here are Pinot and Rudy stepping gingerly:

Rudy likes it better in his hiding place under the arborvitae (less ice):

Despite how icy and dangerous it is, I have to admit (badmommybadmommy) that the sliding-have-to-poo-squat is quite entertaining.

Poor doggies!

I'd love to be exercising them or running them or retrieving with them or even just walking them on the dirt roads around our house, but it's way too icy (read "dangerous") -- for them and for me (remember my mother on Christmas Eve).

Though my intentions are good, they don't understand. Every time I let them out 12 eyes stare at me with hopeful, eager expectation of the next retrieving throw (we'rereadymomwe'reready-yagonnathrowsomethingnowyagonnathrowsomethinghuhhuhhuhhuh?). And all I can say is "Sorry, kids. Not today. Still too slippery."

Needless to say, we're stir-crazy and rammie. Everybody needs exercise right now. Couple that with Elsie being in heat (and being highly protected -- no litters for her for a while), can imagine six cabin-fevered Labs in our tiny family room, three of which are unneutered males and one of which is a female in heat (hehe).

Now that's a picture!

Actually, all things considered, they're behaving quite well. Our supplying them with lots of chewy things helps (though we still have that toddler "mine" syndrome to deal with).

Yet once they've wrestled a bit, they're quite content to hang out with DH and me. Elsie, Ridge, and Kenya, of course, lounge around the most. Tuc and Rudy are the rammiest (they're both just pups -- getting bigger, yes, but just puppies all the same). At 17 months old Pinot swings both ways. ;0)

Beween protecting the critters from ice-falls and guarding Elsie from interested males while she's in heat, I'm reminded again how we take for granted those who protect us -- everyone from well-meaning friends and family members to state-side policemen to overseas troops who look out for our safety each day.

My protective actions only make life crazy for a time. Their protective actions can alter or cost them their lives for good.

Take a moment today, won't you, to say "thank you" to someone who's done something to protect you, big or small. Pick up a serviceman's or firefighter's tab; write a thank-you note to your local sheriff; tell someone you appreciate the protections they provide. If you're the faith-based type, pray for them and thank God for them.

While we don't always understand what our protectors do (and we all have them), we can still value and appreciate the faithful, loving, dedicated intent that motivates them to serve.

Now if only I could convince the canine crew that not retrieving is for their good!

'Til next time,


Ms. ~K said...

Sunny and warm here in North Georgia today...Headed out to walk the dogs on nice dirt road...we'll do an extra lap for you guys.
Stay warm and safe,

JuliaR said...

I wonder if you could put them on a treadmill the way Cesar Millan does?

Chester's Mom said...

I am experiencing the same issue w/Chester. Our yard is ice covered and it's hard for Chester to get the right "position" for potty time. And he so wants to run and play but has had the the rug pulled out from under him several times when he tried to run to me (ignoring my requests to slow it down, mister) I hear the temps are to be in the 40's tomorrow so hopefully the ice will go away. Of course, you and I both know that mud will follow in the spring which brings it's own issues. But mud is to a lab what sand is to a kid. Thanks for the reminder to thank those who protect us.

Anonymous said...

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