Friday, January 09, 2009

Mr. Red Goes Home :o)

Yup... as of this afternoon, our sweet, low-key snuggle bear, Mr. Red, has found a home. His new forever-family-dad, Jim, after a few get-to-know-you visits over the past couple of weeks, picked him up earlier today, and we couldn't be more pleased with how well suited Red and Jim are for each other. It's like they were made for each other.

Here's "Red" (yes, he's going to keep that name) with his new owner:

They even "look" a little like each other, don't they (those brown eyes!)?

We're absolutely tickled with Red's placement, especially since we know he'll be loved and treasured in his new home (Jim is fabulous with the little guy, and Red has already taken a shine to his new human). We suspect Jim and Red will become inseparable companions mutually enriching each other's lives (it sure seems that way, anyway). We truly couldn't ask for better. I see them becoming buds for life. ;o)

We will, of course, miss Mr. Red. We've grown quite attached to him. But we know he's going to the ideal situation for him, and we know he's the ideal pup for his new family. It's all good.

We did say our goodbyes, though -- something we did last night and this morning before Jim came to get Red (I absolutely did not want to cry when I sent Red off for the last time).

Here's Don getting a few snuggles in with the little bear last night:

Since his brother left this afternoon, I've also been making sure Rudy-pe-too-ty is getting loads of extra lovin' (he doesn't seem to miss him much yet). Not to worry: the Rudy bear will be just fine without Mr. Red; he seems more attached to big-kid-gang anyway, and they're all still here for him to romp with. :o)

Speaking of Rudy: he's doing fabulously. And he's still all personality (and all imp!). :o)

This is Rudy relaxing on the wool blanket (note, the blanket is on the coffee table) last night:

Now that Mr. Red is gone, Rudy is going to have to find other ears to chew on (he was forever chomping on poor Red's ears). Rudy has five other sets to choose from -- all canine, of course. :o) I don't care whose he chews on as long as they aren't mine. ;o)

I'll post again in a few minutes about other stuff, but I thought you'd like to know about Red's new home. It really is a wonderful match -- that's the only way we could let Red go. And with Jim as Red's new owner, we can not only let go, but we can let go with confidence and joy. ;o)

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

Ahh-ROO! But I'm so glad you have found another forever home. The man looks nice too.

Christine said...

I am so happy Mr. Red found his forever home! :) He is growing up to be one handsome boy!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I am so glad Mr. Red found a home!