Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe :o)

Today is DFS's 25th birthday. My bouncing baby boy turns a quarter-century old today (ha! but I still haven't hit the half-century mark -- soon -- but not yet -hehe)!

Can someone please tell me, Where did those years go?

In honor of DFS's special day, a day in which we truly celebrate who he is and how he's enriched our lives, I thought I'd post a few "then"" shots of the canine crew -- a trip down memory lane, if you will (I am allowed to reminisce, am I not?).

How time flies!

Here's the gang over the years (you already know what they look like now). All of these photos capture them between 6.5 and 10 weeks of age. :o) I can hardly believe they're so grown up now (nor can I believe I have human kids ALL in their twenties, and one who's turning 25!). Eeee-gads!

So here they are:

Ridge in 2001 at 9-10 weeks old (before he came to live with us -- he came to us in 2004 as a 3 yo):

Baxter in December, 2003:

Elsie in Fall 2005:

Kenya in Fall 2006:

Pinot in Fall 2007 (just 14 months ago):

Tuc in July 2008 (just six months ago, and yes, that's the old man, DFS whose birthday it is today, with Tuc in the first shot below):

And the little Rudy squirt, in November 2008 (just two months ago):

Sometimes I wish I could make time stand still. But only sometimes.

I'm learning to treasure them all in every season of their lives -- and that includes the human kidlets in their twenties, too.

So happy birthday, Dan-o! We love you, Bud, and we're proud of you.

'Til next time,
Joan (aka Mom)


Ms. ~K said...

Love your blog!!!!
Happy Birthday to your human son!

Kris10 said...

Happy birthday to your son. The 25th b-day doesn't hurt so bad. Loved the look-back of the pups!

Chester's Mom said...

Happy 25th, DFS! Freshly opened Vienna Fingers are being consumed in your honor! The pup pictures are so, so cute! My favorite is the next to last one of Tuc "froggin" as we used to say when Chester did that as a pup. The years are speeding by (I'm also starting to see the big 50 train comin' down the tracks. Each day is a gift, all we have to do is untie the ribbons!!