Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Ridge in Winter


Chester's Mom said...

His personality shines thru in all these pictures-along with his beautiful red coat. Love the one where he's sleeping on your son's face-too funny!

Anonymous said...

Adorable Labs! I love the photos. Thanks for sharing.

Ms. ~K said...

Great photos of Ridge!!! He is a happy boy.
Lots of love in your home, I can tell.

polly's path said...

Join our pack for Wordless Wednesday at www.pollyspath.blogspot.com
p.s Love your dogs!!! The baby looks like our Bud.

Amanda said...

I love the photo of him outside, barking... then all snuggly on the lounge - very happy to be reunited with his pack!

He is a beautiful colour. What do they call it?

I have just started up a new blog all about the our lab.

Butterfly Garden Freak said...

i love browsing through your blog and seeing all the great pics of your lovely dogs... you can tell how much they are loved and cared for...it is WONDERFUL to see others caring about animals as much as i do! keep up the great work... LOVE the pics!