Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice (as in Freezing Rain) and Labs Don't Mix

Our winter storm brought more snow followed by freezing rain again this week. Yuk.

And the canine crew doesn't like it one bit. Frankly, ice-crusted snow breaking beneath their feet hurts. Shards of frozen rain poke into their pads like blunt tacs do our bare feet. And, as if that weren't bad enough, when the snow doesn't break beneath them, they have to endure the Bambi-splay slipping factor (think Bambi and Thumper on the frozen pond).

Poor Rudy pulled a Bambi-on-ice yesterday -- completely splayed like directional points on a compass. That's because he's a pup (4.5 months old now), and he's too light-weight to crunch through the ice crust, and his joints and ligaments are loose and oversized with puppy growth, so he's still puppy-clutzy. Bless his little heart -- the sweet little guy was stuck all splayed out like that and didn't have a clue what to do (no, I did not take a picture of his wipe-out; I was focused on rescuing him).

Rescue him I did, of course, and then he was fine -- romping where the big dogs had crunched up the snow so he could get traction.

Ice can be treacherous for Labs, just like humans (think of my 85 yo mother who slipped on ice delivering cookies to her neighbors and broke her hip this Christmas Eve). It's something we don't think about because Labs are such hearty souls. But despite their adaptability and intelligence and willing-to-try-anything robustness, we still need to look out for them.

I forget sometimes.

Then they remind that they, too, have limitations, and they, too, need us every bit as much as wee need them.

Sometimes they figure it out for themselves, though. Instead of romping on ice now, our Rudy-Puh-Too-Tee, smart pup that he is, has decided he'd rather stay in and chew on my snow boots.

What an imp. Sweet imp. But an imp all the same. And a completely lovable imp at that! (hehe)

Who could resist those oversized ears and big brown eyes? (My how he's looking like Elsie these days!)

That doesn't mean he gets to chew up my boots, though. He kept them only long enough for me to take a picture or two. Then I swapped the boot for a nylabone -- something with which he was quite happy, thank you very much.

Besides, ahem, I was only looking out for him, as I'm supposed to do. Eh?

'Til next time,


Chester's Mom said...

Poor Rudy! Sometimes we all have to learn life's lessons the hard way, don't we? Chester was having a problem finding his "spot" this morning to go potty. Hopefully his daddy was able to help him find it before he went back to his bed for the day. As for last night, Chester's walk was cut short-too slippy for him or me. So we broke out the peanut butter filled Kong for the first time ever (thanks to the Lab Brats recent post) and had a fine evening. He didn't seem to mind at all!! ;0=)

scargosun said...

I could tell today that our G-dog lab mix was not crazy about the snow/ice. I felt so bad for her. :(

Ms. ~K said...

We don't get enough snow or ice to consider all those things you mentioned...good lesson for me.
Rudy is adorable, even when chewing on an expensive snow boot!
Hugs to all the puppers,

Pies Placek said...

Hello, life is beautiful but some times everybody must learn the life's lessons. bye

Colleen said...

I just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your site yesterday and have so enjoyed going through it. Between the sweet faces and silly antics of your "kids" and your beautiful style of writing - I'm hooked.