Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Arizona Boy Loves Snow

In honor of today's NFC championship game being held in Arizona (go Eagles!), it seemed fitting to update you all on our Arizona boy, Tuc (aka Tucson) who came to us from his fabulous breeder located just outside of Tucson, AZ.

The Tuc-meister is eight months old now (do you believe it!), and though born and puppy-raised in the sunny, dry, always-warm southwest, he absolutely loves cold temperatures and snow!

He loves doing just about anything in the snow.

He loves plowing over Rudy in the snow:

He loves helping DH refill bird-feeders in the snow:

He loves sitting and watching the world go by in the snow:

He loves digging for and pushing things around in the snow:

He loves running from Kenya in the snow:

He loves two-stepping in the snow:

He loves teasing Pinot in the snow:

He loves quick-stopping in the snow (whoooaaaa -- you should see him slide!):

He loves high-tailing-it in the snow:

He loves chasing Pinot in the snow:

He loves pouncing in the snow:

He loves waltzing in the snow:

He loves running with the pack in the snow:

He loves chilling on the deck in the snow:

He loves galloping in the snow:

He loves standing in the snow:

He loves yucking-it-up in the snow:

But his all-time favorite thing to do in the snow (and he does this daily -- several times a day, in fact) is to hang out on the hammocks (or the frozen blanket) with a favorite chew item -- often chunks of ice from the frozen water bowls, but in these pictures it's a bone:

What a big, happy-go-lucky galoot he is (like Baxter and Rudy combined!).

Oh, and BIG he is: he's now taller and longer than all of our canines in residence (and catching up to Baxter who lives in Maine). And, as of today (on our scales), he weighs 79.4 pounds (just a half-pound shy of 80 pounds -- at 8 months old -- oh my!). And he's not overweight (he's fit and trim).

I think he's gonna be like my Baxter Boos -- a big, sweet, wiggly goofball. I love 'em that way.

But if he gets too much bigger, we're not going to be able to use him as a studly -- we'd like him to stay within breed standard if we're going to use him to sire any litters.

So, okay, Tuc: you can stop growing now. We'll take you just the way you are (snow-loving bouncy boy and all -- just not any bigger!). :o)

'Til next time,


Ms. ~K said...

All your dogs are beautiful...
send us some snow please,
Zack, Sas, and Bud

Chester's Mom said...

I cannot believe that is the little imp that just so short a time ago was stealing goodies out of your pantry. He is gorgeous! I never get tired of watching Chester-whether it be playing, eating, sleeping, romping, etc. What fun it must be to watch your whole pack play and interact with each other. Who needs TV when you have a Lab family?

Momma Teece said...

That boy is just GORGEOUS! Talk to you soon!

summy said...

Hi there! Just came across your blog and am absolutely in love with ALL your dogs, but we hav a lab that looks just like Tuc. But our boy Coal isn't anywhere NEAR 80 pounds yet (and he's also 8 months). He's almost 60 right now. And like Tuc, he absolutely LOVES the snow in Pittsburgh!