Monday, January 12, 2009

Baxter Leaves with Sarah and Chris - Video

Okay... so the last video was rather anti-climatic... eh? When I played it back here after I posted it (I can't preview videos in blogger the way I do pictures -- I have to actually post the videos to see them), I was really disappointed with the video quality. It really lost a lot, including sound, in compression.

Like I said, I'm still learning. (sigh)

THIS time I tried compressing the file a little less, specifically for web streaming, and it should still have sound (I hope).

The clip captures the Baxter Boos sensing that it's time to go back to Maine with Sarah and Chris. RR knows that Baxter was raised here (came to us as a 6.5-week-old pup), and lived his first five-and-a-half years with us. But when Sarah and Chris married last summer and were getting ready to move to Maine, we decided Baxter would make great company for Sarah while Chris was in school (med school is really demanding), and he'd make a great constancy for them both in a life filled with change. So Baxter (and the fuzzy cat Snickers) moved with them.


Sniff sniff.


And, sniff, now he even likes it better there with them than he ever liked it here! (Hehe... that's actually a wonderful thing). It sure seems that way, anyway.

What do you think? Here's his reaction to leaving us to go back to Maine after the kids came home for the holidays:

In HD, the movie clarity was incredible for being shot in the dark. I hope it comes out light enough for you to see well here even though it's compressed. We'll see. I just don't know what to expect.

In any case, you can't miss Baxter's enthusiasm.

What a sweet, happy, galoot he is. And I truly am tickled for Chris and Sarah to have him. It's a great thing all around.

What a goofy boy. :o)

'Til next time,


theresa said...

What a wonderfully happy labbie boy! Just a handsome ole goof!

Jamie said...

Cute video! The same reactions happen when my dog boarders come. They are so excited to get here and see us and find out what has happened since their last visit but when mom or dad come to get them then they are READY to go. They are very clear about how they feel coming and going.

Chester's Mom said...

Coming thru loud and clear. Picture great-even the outside/dark part of it. Sound is good too. Looks like you got it conquered, Mama Joan! (Nancy A. has even given me pointers on Dock Diving in case we ever get a chance to try it! Good lady to have around!) Baxter Boos-what a happy boy you are, no matter where you lay your head down at night. Looking forward to more Lab action!

Anonymous said...

Just had to let you know that Baxter's enthusiasm reached right through the Web and got my big black Lab all excited, too. What fun!

JuliaR said...

It is so nice that he enjoys his new home and doesn't pine for the old pack much.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I like your blog. Feel free to come by mine and leave a comment! Would you be interested in linking sites?


Ms. ~K said...

Oh My!!!! My Buddy is a bouncer just like Baxter.
I love your blog!!!!
Will add a link to mine and visit often.
Hugs to all the pups,