Monday, January 12, 2009

Rudy and the Bone

Ohboyohboyohboyohboy.... I got a bone!

And look.... a hole in the hammock. I wonder if the bone would fit in there?

Yup, sure does.

Now I just have to get it back out again. Hmmmm.

Got it! Now I'll try another part of the hammock. Hmmmmm. A bone and a hammock. And snow. Wow. Life sure is good.

Mmmm, mmmm, mmm-mmm, mmmm!

This is so much fun it makes my face wrinkle!

Oh, look! Another hole in the hammock. Hmmmmmm.

Yup... the bone'll go in this one, too!

And even in this OTHER hole -- wow... Hammocks sure do have lots of big holes.

Uh oh. I can't reach the bone through this one.

Guess I'll just have to go around from the outside (hehe, there's more than one way to skin a cat...hehe... I like that a cat... mwaaa ha ha ha ha! heehee)

Enough of the bone and the hammock. I think I should go show the rest of the gang how special I am especially since I have the bone!

Look, guys, look! Ah...aren't I speci ....Uh oh.

Okay, Tuc. You can have it. But only 'cuz your bigger than me....for now.... (hehe, just you wait; I'll chomp on your ears later... hehehe):

Yup, that's our Rudy-peh-too-tee: ever the optimist. He is the happiest-go-luckiest little fellow I've seen. He loves life, he loves his canine buds, and he loves his people. too. And when he's all done happily entertaining himself (as in, with the bone), and going at it with the gang (especially Pinot and Tuc), he trots his little self inside and leaps into our laps for secure, snuggly nap time (DH and I both do... doesn't matter... he loves us both). His favorite place, like everyone else's, is the little love-seat couch in the family room as long as it contains a people-person, too.

I thinketh we needeth a biggereth coucheth.

'Til next time,

[Video Status Sidenote: We're still working on the video issue here -- apparently HD camcorders only record in HD file formats, most of which are not usable by joe-schmoe-average-user's video playing and editing software (that's me), and most of which cannot be uploaded by places like Blogger and YouTube (me again). There is, however (as Rudy would say), more than one way to skin a cat, and we're getting close! I can at least view the videos on my computers now -- something I couldn't do before. I just have to figure out how to reduce the file sizes (HD files are huge) so that Blogger can handle them. A wonderful LabTails RR is helping me, and I'll duly credit her when I get my first video up!]


Chester's Mom said...

Rudy the cutie pa-toot-tee! You couldn't have picked a better name. Your pictures show his happy go lucky nature. I love watching them think thru all their playtime experiments. You can almost see the wheels turning when they are working on something. Thanks for keeping us posted with pictures until the videos start rolling-which I'm sure is gonna happen soon. We are anxiously awaiting just like little kids at Christmas!

Christine said...

Just a FYI, YouTube does allow HD video content! :) It'll take you forever to upload, I'm sure, because I know HD files are large, but YT does accept and will make the HD version available.

Team 3 Dawg Flight said...

I'll help you with the file sizes. Check your email.