Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Fun with Captions

While I'm trying to figure out my video files (Nancy A., I may take you up on your offer), I thought I'd give you another shot at providing captions for a few of the still shots I took over the past couple days. Some do include Mr. Red, who left us yesterday, but the rest capture our usual gang.

Have fun! I look forward to what you come up with (some of your last captions were laugh-out-loud funny). :o)

1.. Kenya and Elsie:

2. Tuc, Pinot, Rudy, and Red (top to bottom):

3. Pinot and Rudy:

4. Ridge:

5. Rudy:

6. DH and Elsie:

7. Rudy, Pinot, and Ridge:

8. Elsie and Red (leaning on DH):

9. Pinot and Red:

10. Red:

11. Rudy:

12. DH, Tuc, and Pinot:

Pick one to caption, or do them all -- whatever strikes your fancy. :o)

'Til next time,


kayceebeebee said...

1. What do you say we jump on that leg there?
2. Come on! Pile on, we can all fit on top of him!
3. I just got this little piece of meat stuck in here. If you could just help me out. That's right, that's right, just pull it out.
4. Oh, I'm soooooo sleepy!
5. Ahhhh, I'm such a lucky pup. I have the best place in the house.
6. Now, Elsie, let's talk about what you did this afternoon.
7. Man, you got some bad breathe! What'd you eat today?
8. This is how you do it....if you get a little closer he'll scratch behind your ear.
9. It's my turn to lay here. You have to move.
10. Just call me popeye!
11. This bone is good! I hope nobody see's me with it.
12. Come on, Dad! We want to play!

Chester's Mom said...

1. Ebony and Ivory-living in perfect harmony.
2 A lap full of labs.
3.If we put our 2 noses together, we can really make a big slime mark!
4.Oh no! Not the camera again!
5.I'm asking-does this look like the face of an imp?
6.DH:After I teach you how to use the remote, you can go help Mom with the video.
7.Pinot:I'm telling you Rudy, STOP biting Red's ears or else!
8.Trust me, Red, you're gonna like your forever home.
9.Listen Red, this is the hand that feeds you. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT bite it!
10.It'll be our little secret. Wink. Wink.
11.Excuuuuuse me, I'm chewing here!
12. Help! I'm being labbed and I can't get up!

Team Fire and Ice said...

1. Kenya (singing): Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is...

Elsie: Kenya, can it. Bing Crosby you are not.

2. Maybe I if I give them my arm as a peace offering, they'll leave my other body parts alone.

3. Come on, Pinot. Gimme a kiss...just one? I see Mom and Dad kissing all the time and it looks like fun. Just one? Plleeazzzeee?

4. 98-99-100. Ready or I come!

5. Help! Help! I'm being swallowed by the dog-eating couch. Help!

6. "Watch. If I push this button on the remote, I change Elsie to Pinot."

7. Rudy: Whew! Dang, Ridge. Ever heard of Listerine, buddy?

8. Red: "Don't even *think* of letting that tongue get over on my side of this lap. Keep that thing over on your side.

9. Red: Dad, can you {oof} please put Pinot {grunt} on a diet. {pant} Hurry!

10. Maybe if I look at the TV with only one eye, all those guys running around in uniforms hitting each other and pushing each other down on that ground will look like Animal Planet.

11. Uh, pardon me. You found this bone where? The KITTY LITTER BOX? OH NO!!! {spits out bone. faints}

12. Hurry up, guys. We'll hold him down. You change the channel to Lassie.