Saturday, September 15, 2007

And for you skeptics...

For those of you who didn't believe our Elsie Girl could open the door on her own, here's proof (it's only taken me two years to get this on video).

And at that, I captured it sideways...oops...please forgive the sideways view. I haven't figured out how to get this vertical when I upload to on-line yet, though it's vertical and looks fine on my 'puter. It's a short clip, so you won't have to crane your necks too long. :o)

So, here's Elsie:

How kind of her to open the door for Baxter! Well, I suppose the puppies' cries in the background may have had something to do with her motivation. ;o)

Now if only we could get her to close the door, too!

'Til next time,


XAgirl said...

Love your blog - got hooked on it around the time they were born. I had a dog growing up that learned how to open the sliding glass door all on his own (my cat later had kittens under my bed because of his new trick)

Joan said...

hehe...I'll bet your cat was very happy to nest under bed!

But, wow! The sliding glass door; now that's tricky!

xagirl, I'm delighted you found us over here at LabTails! And I'm tickled you're enjoying the blog.

I'll check out your blogs as soon as I get the chance.

Feel free to comment anytime!


Sergio F. (Miami) said...

Hello, I saw your blog thru Flickr, where Fay from AllAboutLabradors agreed to post my Snoopdog's pic. Once she sends the link, hopefully you'll be able to see him 'working' on a mercedes Benz. My father takes him to his repair shop once in a while, and he also claims Snoopdog knows how to open a car door (unlocked). Anyway, love your blog, Elsie and the pups. Labs are the best!

Joan said...

Hey, Sergio,

I have no doubt your Snoopdog knows how to open a car door. :o) But I'd love to see it. Send me the link when you get it. And if it's okay with you I'll post it at LabTails, too. :o)

You're preaching to the choir; Labs are indeed the best!