Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not to Worry: We're Thriving at 5 Weeks Old!

From the puppies:

Grandma says to tell you we're all fine. :o) She's just been really busy since Grandpa went away on a business trip earlier in the week, and since Mom stopped cleaning up after us and Grandma started us on semi-solid food:

But we had lots of adventures the last few days

We discovered new toys that make us look up to find them (that will help us find birds later when we get big).

After he got back from his business trip, Grandpa put higher walls on our whelping box to keep us from escaping (we'd figured out how to climb out while he was away - hehehe):

But having to stay in the whelping box sometimes isn't so bad since we learned to play outside on something Grandma calls "grass" -- it was a little prickly on our feet to start, but once we got used to it, we had lots of fun:

We discovered the hammock! We like to climb on it and under it. It makes a crawling tunnel and great sleeping cave, too!

We started learning about tennis balls. The roll, but they're still kinda hard to follow with our eyes. Our vision is still blurry, but it's getting better every day. Even if we can't track them yet, those tennis balls sure are fun to pick up and chew, though:

We also learned about wind, and sunshine, and bird sounds, and traffic sounds, and drinking out of water containers. And we even started exploring places ALONE without the pack, one of us with one of our humans. That was kinda scary, but Grandpa and Grandma let us get used to it slowly. And then it was just fun to explore. We're all really curious about new things.

Grandma made movies of us on our adventures this week, and she said to tell you she'll post the movies later today.

We're five weeks old now! And we've finally got our "sea legs" (or land legs). We can even run now! Well, we sometimes tumble or lose our balance, but it sure feels good to move that fast.

So here we are:

Are we a handsome lot or what???? :o)

Oh, and check out that green round thing in the background. Grandma says its a plastic flower pot, but it sure is fun to climb in and over. We like to see how many of us we can stuff in it at one time! Grandma has pictures of that, too.

She'll be back later today with videos!

That's all for now. It's time for our nap.

'Til next time,
The Puppies!

4 comments: said...

I'm so glad you posted. I've checked every day, sometimes twice or three times a day. I'm addicted to these puppies. They are sooooo cute! My "granddoggie" is a yellow lab. He is two years old and looking at your puppies brings back the memeories. They grow up so fast.

JuliaR said...

I thought and hoped you were all just busy, so thanks for the new posting! Boy those puppies look like little dogs now! So handsome, so bright.

It sounds like they are going to be wonderfully socialized whenever you get around to giving them new homes. That'll be tough!

kate Flynn said...

Glad to have you all back, we've missed you but can fully appreciate just how busy these little guys have kept you.
The pups are looking really solid and like juliar said "proper little dogs" now, the pics of them in the garden show just what a difference a week makes when they took their first tentative steps out onto the deck.
Looking forward to the videos later.

Joan said...

kaycee, julia, and kate,

I'm SO sorry not to have posted over the last six days. I truly didn't mean to worry anyone.

But with DH away and the pups weaning so quickly, life just got away from me. It's a learning curve as much for me as it is the pups!

I think we're in a routine now, though, so I should be posting regularly again.

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

And enjoy the videos! They're growing up SO fast!!!!

Thanks, again!