Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another Milestone: Learning to Lap!

Well, the puppies are three weeks old today, so we figured it was time to introduce them to "lapping" up liquids (as a precursor to beginning the weaning process).

In this clip, you see them lapping for the very first time. :o) DH put some puppy formula in a "flying saucer" feeder, set the pups around the pan, and let them go at it.

They were actually quite skilled and not nearly as messy as I expected.

See for yourselves:

I shot this next clip just a minute later when they all seemed to have figured it out.

The "crackling" you hear in the background is actually the noise of the puppies all lapping at once. :o)

Pretty smart bunch, I'd say.

Of course, I'm not biased. ;o)

'Til next time,


teresamc said...

They sound so adorable. I can't believe it's their first time. They are very good at it. It's also amazing how much they have grown. Good job Elsie!!

JuliaR said...

They are growing so fast! And they sure made short work of that formula. Lovely.

kate Flynn said...

What clever babies- Miss Scarlet sounded like water going down the plug hole!!
There'll be no stopping them now!

Joan said...

Teresa, I couldn't believe how good they were at lapping their first time either! I guess they're just pretty smart puppies (no bias, of course)!

Julia, yup...they sure are growing fast! I can't believe how fast they develop. And yes, they did make short work of the formula. I can't wait to see what they do with thicker gruel (hehe!). I can't imagine that won't be quite messy. ;o)

And Kate, you're right! Miss Scarlet is a noisy lapper (amazing how different they all are). Must be that girls-develop-faster-and-more-
gracefully-than-boys-do principle!


LOL... it's quite fun, I must say!