Friday, September 07, 2007

Sea Legs and Voices: The 6-minute Version

If you're interested in seeing all the pups getting up on their legs, view this version of Sea Legs and Voices.

It's just about 6 minutes long (longer than I normally like to post), but their vocalizations are incredible. It's worth a peek.

And, I think, at one point or another, you get to see each pup try out his/her legs. :o)

I uploaded this one through You Tube instead of Blogger, so you can view it either here or there. Again, you may have to wait a minute or two from when the blog entry first appears (11:05 a.m. EDT) to give YouTube a chance to process the video.



Jill said...

Thanks so much for sharing the video. I'm sure people here at work were wondering what I was giggling about and what all that squeaking was! They puppies are so roly poly and it was funny to see them rolling around when their little legs wouldn't quite hold them up. I'm learning so much about puppies by watching their progress!

JuliaR said...

Oh. My. It sounds like a sea bird colony with thousands of birds. How does Elsie tell the difference between a pup in real distress and all that noise? And I thought I wanted to raise a litter of puppies. :) How will you be able to tell when they can hear? And will that make them be a little quieter? And do they make that much noise when Elsie is there with them? Whew!

kate Flynn said...

What a difference a (almost) fortnight makes, i can't believe just how much progress they have made. The noise reminds me of a wet sponge on glass like when cleaning the windows-lol
You should have seen Jonah and Jasper, their heads cocked to the side and their ears pricked up- goodness knows what it's like for Ridge, Baxter and Kenya?
I predict you are going to have your hands full in a few days!!
I hope you've got your running shoes ready- :0)