Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brave New World: The Exercise Pen

After their adventure leaving the whelping box this afternoon, the pups needed (and took) a looong nap in the whelping box. Then they woke up and did their "business." And I needed to clean up their mess.

It was time to introduce a different safe zone where they can play while I clean.

Here are the pups exploring their new indoor world: the exercise pen. This first clip captures the pups looking around with Elsie in the pen.

This second clip is of the pups after Elsie leaves the pen.

They're not entirely happy, but at least they can see and smell her. :o)



1 comment:

kate Flynn said...

Joan they are exquisite!
I love the little cream one with his/her paws sticking through the bars. It's a great idea for them to go in there and at least you know they are safe whilst you're sorting the whelping pen out.