Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mr. Blue and Pinky Walk with Grandpa!

After loads of fun together in the outdoor pen, we started taking the pups out of the pen one at a time for long walks around the yard away from their siblings.

Mr Blue, by far, was the most comfortable, immediately at ease and curious. I think that may be because his vision and hearing seems to be the best so far. Remember, he was first born, so he's a day ahead of a few of the pups on development.

Mr Green, interestingly enough, though the biggest pup, was the most timid and seemed most stressed about being separated from his siblings. But he warmed up after a time.

These walks were their first time out alone (as in away from their litter mates) for any length of time.

The video below captures a later outing. This time Mr. Blue and Miss Pink (or Pinky) explore part of the yard together with Grandpa (DH Don). :o)

Notice how well they follow him. And notice how they sit at his feet when he stops (good puppies!). And notice, too, after Don sneaks away, how quickly and directly Mr. Blue comes to Don when called. Miss Pink follows, but Mr. Blue attends immediately.

So far, Mr. Blue is way ahead of the rest in vision, attention, coordination, and confidence. He's happy anywhere (with the litter mates, alone, or with us). Sure, he whimpers for attention, just like the rest, but he's very secure for a 5-week-old.

He's probably higher in the pecking order, too, but we still don't have a clear alpha yet. All of the pups will submit to each other and us. And Mr. Blue regularly submits to Mr. Green and Miss Pink when they wrassle.

Only time will tell.



'Til next time,


kate Flynn said...

Joan that was amazing- i can't believe how they both kept their eyes on their grandpa and as for coming when he called them- my MIL's 12 mth old yellow lab is still hit and miss with that!
I know i say it everytime i check in but it is true- you are doing an AMAZING job with those pups- they are going to make such good dogs in whatever field they end up.

Joan said...

Hi, Kate,

It IS pretty amazing, isn't it?

But don't be too impressed. They're doing this stuff naturally; we're just trying to reinforce their actions with loads of praise when they behave in ways consistent with what we hope they'll do in response to training later on.

I do think we can start "training" them even now, though it's more like play than anything else (all reward, no punishment at this age). It's all just positive reinforcement.

They're a smart breed. And they, by nature, love to please. We figure if we take advantage of that intelligence and desire now, it will help them be more responsive to training with their owners later on.

And, it's fun, to boot!

It's not really us, truly. They're just great pups!

Hope all is well with you and your gang!

Give your MIL's yellow a scratch behind the ears for us!