Monday, September 17, 2007

Sleepy Pups

It's funny how each puppy has its own style of sleeping. Just look:

Miss Pink-and-White likes the chin-to-the-ground approach

Miss Black and Miss White both like to touch.

Blue Boy is very happy on his side, as long as the others are nearby.

Mr. Green will snuggle with anyone who's available. :o)

Blue-and-White likes leg room.

Miss Scarlet likes to stretch out. She was actually sleeping, not stretching, when I took this photo. Go figure.

Pinky likes to rest her head on something soft:

And, or course, they all love the puppy pile method of napping:

There's nothing more calming than watching a pile of sleeping puppies.

Makes me want to sleep, too!

Sweet Dreams, all!

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

My husband likes to sleep like Miss Scarlett. I think I sleep more like Blue Boy. But I think the puppies have it over us in terms of furry adorableness!

Have you been changing their rickrack? It looks pretty frayed but I would think you'd have to make it bigger almost every week, wouldn't you?

teresamc said...

Miss Scarlett looks so relaxed, but the puppy pile-up is my favorite. They are all just toooo cute.

Joan said...

You bet, Julia! There's nothing quite as cute as furry puppies sleeping.

But I will say sleeping babies, toddlers, and young children are pretty close. Well, they may even be AS cute... I'd have to call it a tie. :o)

And yes, we've been changing their rickrack about every three days.

The reason you see fraying now is that some of the pups have gotten front teeth (and puppy teeth, as you know, are really sharp), and they've started chewing on each other pretty regularly.

The pups are now fraying each other's rickrack!

And Teresa, the puppy pile is pretty amazing. I can't imagine sleeping with so many other bodies piled in around over and under me -- I'd feel squished and claustrophobic.

But the pups LOVE the pile; I think it's a security thing for them reminiscent of the womb (not to mention the instinctive safety in numbers).

As always, thanks for commenting!