Monday, September 03, 2007

Puppy Check-In: One Week

Well, we're all eight days old now. And...

  • We all weigh more than two pounds now (we've doubled our weights since we were born).
  • Our ears are flopping over like they should (we don't look like Yoda or Mr. Spock anymore).
  • Our pads are darkening.
  • Our noses are darkening.
  • Our faces have hair.
  • We whine, whimper, grunt, and yip.
  • We lick things now, too.
  • We're experimenting with our hind legs. Some of us can even take a couple really wobbly steps before we tip over.

We scootch across our bedding pretty fast now (it's a race to the milk bar when Mom comes in the whelping box).

Mom sometimes sits up to nurse us because she doesn't like our little toenails scratching her. But Grandma (Mom's human) trimmed our nails this week so they wouldn't be so sharp.

And we're sleeping lots and lots and lots.

That helps us grow. :o)

We'll be back in a week with another update!


Charlie said...

Do you have puppy breath? That faint coffee-like smell is just the best!

Joan said...

No, puppy breath yet.

But we have puppy grunts! And that's almost as good.


JuliaR said...

I've seen mother bears sit up to nurse two cubs but not dogs. Must make it hard for the little ones to get at the top teats. Speaking of which, how's the mastitis?