Saturday, September 15, 2007

Meeting Kenya :o)

Here are a couple of short clips of Kenya "meeting" the pups.

The clips also include the puppies exploring a little in the small area we have penned off around the whelping box.

AND this second clip captures one pup's new milestone: pooping all by herself on the paper outside of the whelping box! Hurray!

Oh, the little things that bring us joy! :0)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's complete puppy update (they'll all be 3 weeks old then).

'Til then,


kate Flynn said...

Ah Kenya seems very interested in the pups but Elsie was quick to come running playing the protective mama.
Wasn't that baby good pooping on the paper bless him/her-
As for Elsie and the door, that's a classic, we had a black lab about 30 yrs ago when i was a little girl who could knock the letter box on the front door with his nose- what clever kids we have eh?

k a t i e said...

Ohh...too cute! Would you mind if I put a link to your page from my own doggerbloggy blog?