Sunday, September 16, 2007

We're THREE WEEKS OLD! (the puppy update)

The pups are all three weeks old now (as of early this morning).

Here's their progress report:
  • ALL have quadrupled (at least) their weights since birth.
  • Six of them are over five pounds. Two are just shy of 5 lbs.
  • ALL are using their vision, though not visually tracking yet.
  • ALL are hearing and responding to sudden noises.
  • ALL are lapping liquids.
  • ALL are climbing over the whelping box "door" (no one said it had to be graceful or controlled to count).
  • ALL are teething.
  • Some have some erupted teeth (teeth already broken through the gums).
  • Red (Miss Scarlet) has the most teeth. :o)

  • ALL have discovered they have litter mates.
  • ALL have started "wrassling" with and chewing on their sibs.
  • ALL will rest comfortably on their backs when cradled in our arms.
  • ALL have demonstrated several vocalizations: bark, growl, howl, whine, grunt, etc. (I'm not sure they know what they mean yet, but they've at least tried them out.)
  • ALL have experienced seven different surfaces beneath their paws (and all found it interesting).

Here are their weights to date (heaviest to lightest), at exactly three weeks old:
  • Green: 5 lbs. 14 oz.
  • Pink: 5 lbs. 10 oz.
  • Pink-and-White: 5 lbs. 8 oz.
  • Blue-and-White: 5 lbs. 5 oz.
  • Red: 5 lbs. 4 oz.
  • Blue: 5 lbs. 2 oz.
  • Black: 4 lbs. 12 oz.
  • White: 4 lbs. 10 oz.

That's the update!

Stay tuned for more milestones.

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

Five pounds! They are wonderful to look at, so roly-poly and cute. When we got Uma at the tender age of 6 weeks, she already weighed in at ten pounds!

Joan said...


Would you believe that now, just three days later, they're all over SIX pounds except Miss White and Miss Black??? Wow!

You got Uma at six weeks! Wow, that's such a tender age!

We won't release the pups until their eight weeks old (state law here requires 7 weeks old, but we like the extra week for Mom to teach them canine manners!). How precious Uma must've been, and how attached she must have become to you! I'm sure you miss her.

Even at eight weeks, I expect the puppies will be only 12 - 15 pounds by then.

But that's two to three times their size now. Wow!

JuliaR said...

Back in 1990, when Guide Dogs was just getting started here, they thought it was better for human socialization to have them out in human homes that early. Then they realized that it WAS too early and now they keep them until they are 8 weeks. But as always, they did have the best of intentions.