Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Puppy Discoveries at 3.5 Weeks

People have laps, and they're pretty comfy, too. In fact, people are pretty nice. We're starting to bond with our humans:

But we still need Mom, even if she doesn't nurse us as much as she used to, and even if she doesn't stay with us all time:

Grooming ourselves is a good thing, especially since Mom doesn't do that so much anymore:

There's more to drink in this life than Mom's milk and puppy formula, and it comes in different containers. It even feels good on our faces and feet:

Foam rubber makes a comfy head-rest, but Grandma's gonna remove it soon since we're all getting teeth and starting to chew on it:

People arms are fun to gnaw on, but Grandpa and Grandma won't let us:

We can sleep just about anywhere:

We can sleep in just about any position:

We can sleep in just about any space, even in the tightest of quarters:

And sunshine through the window feels warm and good on our faces and coats:

All-in-all a puppy's life is a pretty good deal. We can't wait to see what next week holds!

'Til next time,
The Puppies, for "Grandma" (aka, Joan)


JuliaR said...

That arm was sure a mouthful for Miss White!

Joan said...

LOL...yup, sure was. :o)

We'd usually "yip" when Baxter, Elsie, or Kenya chewed on us as puppies to teach them not to do so (just like their siblings did in their respective litters), but it's tough when you have a lap full. The puppies won't know who we're yipping at!

LOL...gotta luv 'em!

Mary said...

I just love the pictures of the puppies. : ) Every time I look at them it reminds me there is a higher power and there is so much good in the world. Thank you for sharing these wonderful joyous puppies with us and giving me a smile each and every day.

kate Flynn said...

Joan your babies are beautiful, they are growing and developing into fine little dogs- you are all doing a grand job with them, i love the picture of the sleepy pup on the scales :0)

jan said...

Great pictures. I almost forget how much work puppy litters are when I see such cute photos.

Joan said...


DH Don put Pink-and-White on the scale for her regular weigh-in, and, don't you know, she went right to sleep! I couldn't resist the picture (DH was, of course standing right there in case she suddenly stirred).

There's still nothing in my book that comes close to warming the heart the way sleeping puppies (and sleeping children) do!


Someday maybe I'll post about the work involved (sounds like you already know). And our REAL work is only just beginning now that the pups are nearly 4 weeks old. Elsie no longer cleans up after them and is nursing the pups FAR less frequently (much less than I expected her to at this point in their development), so we find ourselves moving into progressively weaning them sooner than we'd planned.

But that's okay. The work is nothing compared to the joy and adventure of watching the pups grow and develop and preparing these little ones for their future lives. :o)

Thanks for commenting!


Joan said...


It's my pleasure to share our journey! And you're right: watching the pups' birth and develop affirms over and over again my belief in a purposeful Creator -- there's no way this is haphazard or some chance configuration of atoms. And losing the one pup early on humbled me--reminded me that I ultimately cannot give or create life no matter how hard I try.

And, yes, these pups represent so much of the grace and good we experience every day of our lives. They remind me to value and appreciate wonder and joy and love and beauty in ways I wouldn't otherwise.

They remind me to stop, smile, and enjoy the moment. They've become part of my "giggle factor" in life -- reminding me it's okay to laugh, even when so many other things frustrate me or break my heart.

We all need giggle factor! I'm glad the pups can be that for you. :o)

Thanks for your insight!


Mary said...

I just love you. Your response touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. : ) We recently had to put our lab of 15 1/2 years to sleep but yet she gave us a sign to move on and now I have a wonderful 14 week old lab puppy myself and she makes me laugh every day. I guess she is my giggle factor. Hope reminds me everyday that life does go on and there is much for all of us to learn and still experience.
Please give all your wonderful dogs and puppies a big hug from Hope, our black lab.

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