Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We're Looking Like REAL Dogs Now

At ten days old now the pups are starting to look less like fetal pigs (sorry, but that's exactly what came to mind from my biology days when I first saw the sleeping newborns with their pink, hairless snouts) and more like Labs.

Their noses are more defined and darkening; their eyes are looking more like close eyes and less like a series of wrinkles; their ears are flopping; and their ears and snouts are getting denser hair coverage, hence more color. :o)

Take a look:

Just wait 'til their eyes open (should be any day now!).

'Til next time,


v2or said...

They are looking good cant wait to see you and Don and all your grandkids. See you soon V

kate Flynn said...

Joan they are delightful- you can even make out that little Mohichan(sp)down the middle of his chest-i love to see that- do baby yellows have blue eyes when they open?

teresamc said...

They are more precious everytime I see them. I feel so blessed to experience this with you, since my lab could not have a successful litter. Thanks again for sharing.

ranger said...

they are soooo cute! i was cute like that once. thanks for visiting my blog and you are definitely added!!!

Joan said...

Yo, Vic - yup, they are cute, and I think you're due for a puppy fix. We'll see you when you get back from Nashville. :o)

Kate, yes all the pups have blue eyes and will until they're about five weeks old (I think). Then they'll darken. I think dark eyes are dominant, so since Elsie's eyes are dark, we're expecting dark eyes (as opposed to Ridge's carmel eyes).

Teresa, I'm still so sorry about you lab's not having a litter, but I'm delighted you walk through this with us. I know it's not the same, but at least you get the "cute" factor without the clean-up duty! :o)
I hope your girl stays healthy, though. Keep me updated; I think about you often.

Oh, Ranger, you sure WERE cute, and you STILL are. :o) Your humans must be so proud!

Thanks for commenting, all!