Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Cute Puppy Pictures: Three Weeks Old!

Clockwise from top left:
Mr. Green looks over the corner of the whelping box.
Miss White (lighter/cream) chews on Miss Black (darker/red).
Miss Pink-and-White tries out sitting
Miss Scarlet rests her head on Mr. Green

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kate Flynn said...

AAAWWW Joan they get more cute every time i check in if that is possible.
IF i were local and about to come and select a pup i think i would have to go for Mr.Green- i love his picture as he's peering over the edge of the box.
But thankfully i will never have to make a choice cos it would be too darned hard!!

Joan said...


And Mr. Green has an incredibly sweet temperament. :o)

He's going to be a big boy, though -- probably the biggest of the litter.

Maybe he'll be a gentle giant like our Baxter. :o)

And yes, the choice is incredibly difficult! We're definitely keeping one (a female) from the litter (they're turning out so nicely!), and right now it's between Miss Black and Miss White. I wish we could keep both, frankly. But we really can't. We need to invest in another male from a different gene pool, and if we keep one from this, and get a black male from somewhere else (since Baxter is neutered), that will make six dogs here permanently.

We only have 1.5 acres, and we have to remember that we could someday have to take a puppy back (we're committed to the pups for life).

So, I think we will have reached our max at six. :o)

But it's a KILLER decision! (an American euphemism, for something REALLY difficult)

Hope all is well over your way!


kate Flynn said...

we say that phrase here too Joan- don't worry i haven't got you down as serial killer!!-lol :0)