Friday, September 07, 2007

Look: Our Pads Turned Black!

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Mary said...

That picture in cuteness ranks right up there with a cute picture of a baby's bottom. : ) Those puppies are ADORABLE and make me miss those days with my 12 week old lab puppy. Keep the pictures coming and give Elsie an extra treat for having such cute puppies!

Joan said...


I couldn't resist taking this picture. It was just too cute to pass up. :o) In fact, I took three from various angles. :o)

It still makes me smile just to see it. ;o)

We'll keep 'em coming. :)


kate Flynn said...

This is a delightful picture, i love to see them lie like this, it's supposed to be sign of very good hips too i believe. My 10 yr old Jonah still lies like this sometimes, only he looks more like a beached whale now rather than a cute seal pup!